Wednesday, February 25, 2009

...back at the ranch!

Finally getting back to work. The next day or so I'll be dedicating completely to Scene 4 of 7. Once Spring Break sets in another week from now, I'll really be crackin' down on getting PART 2 completed. I wanted to have it out by February but I don't see it happenining now, ah well. Here's a couple non-spoilerific shots of Scene 4:

Reuninons are always a little awkward...

But this is no time for laughs!

Because a new mission has been set in place for our heroes!

...though certainly not important enough to keep Billiam from striking up even MORE awkward conversation.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gettin' back into it...

S'been a month since I've updated here. I took a bit of time off on PART 2 due to having other work come up. I got commissioned to do a music video, I got hired as a colorist for an independant film, been working on projects at understand right? RIGHT!? WE'RE PALS AREN'T WE!?

The next Scene (4 of 7) that makes up PART 2 is slowly being worked on. I'm pushing myself to work on it a little bit every day as I did with the previous scenes. Some of them are fairly simple, but I have some more complicated stuff coming up, which'll be fun actually. Also I've got some great special guests lined up for this next one, including the premiere of Kira Buckland's character, Dulcy ('bout time). I'll throw y'all some more screencaps when I get the chance. Later!