Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's like a kick in the nuts!

A special episode of the comedy podcast "Wha-Chow!" was just recorded this past Sunday and it's now officially up for download!

Take a listen!

Featured in the episode is myself acting as the host, the three co-writers: Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien (voice of Renaldo), Jacob "Niro Rose" Sanders (voice of Mace) and Chris "CZ-Backlash" Zito (voice of Meat) as well as cast members Cailen "Crow" Denton (voice of Morty), Mike "SkeletonJAZZ" Luckas (voice of Bulk) and Joshua "Tomamoto" Tomar (voice of Evan Splooge), plus Cory "Sprite37" Holmes who was a big help on the technical side the night Part 3 was submitted. All of us look back and talk about our involvement and favorite moments throughout the series and the Movie, I answer some questions from the fans and we play a very special goodbye message from all of the Parody Rangers characters. Enjoy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Part 3

Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - Part 3 "Race Against Slime"
[Runtime: - 17 Minutes]

After a sexilicous night of rest and preparation, the Rangers finally set out into the darkest, most dangerous depths of the Planet Buut2dahed in order to gain a powerful new power of powerness. They arrive back in Angel Grove with a whole railroad's worth of power and the sinister Evan Splooge's "Orgasmotrons" are already wreaking havoc across the city! But when the violet villain takes matters into his own little munchy-thing hands, they alone can't stop his might! It will take every able set of hands to put an end to this insanity! The Parody Ranger Legend concludes today!

This film is NOT for kids and contains plenty of innapropriate (not to mention, immature) humor. If this sort of thing isn't up your alley or if you are offended by such content in any way, please feel free to give it a pass. Otherwise, to the fans who've followed along with Parody Rangers previously, I hope you enjoy it for what it is and have some fun!

Thanks everyone for sticking with the Parody Rangers series for the past several years and hope you gotta laugh or two along the way. Enjoy the big finale!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"SO glad you asked..." + "What the bloody hell do you want from me?"

Movie completion percentage is currently: %95

Evan Splooge & Dulcy Sia - Now for these two, who were designed specifically for this movie...with much more significance than Morty. Dulcy, based on "Dulcea" was meant to be what Pinky sort of pointed out, that being a complete and total sex object...or at least in the eyes of the characters surrounding her. Evan, who contains much more significance of course, I've now drawn COUNTLESS times in the midst of the movie. I had to make sure he was really entertaining since he was going to be one of the movie's main attractions. I owe a lot to Josh Tomar, his VA, for fulfilling that for me. Evan was tricky, but fun to animate the more I got the hang of it.

Both of these characters were challenges for me in their own way. Both of their designs were a bit more complicated in different aspects, especially compared to the Rangers. Adapting Dulcea and Ivan Ooze into Parody Rangers equivalents, or in Evan's case, making him a direct descendant of his original counterparts, was one of the most exciting parts of the movie's pre-production for me. Having them both eventually be brought to life was long and arduous, but totally worth it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"Hey, F.U., F.U., I'll be F'n you later, F.U....and I don't even know you." + "...why are you talking to yourself?"

Crisis averted! Gotta new tablet pen and JUST finished up Scene 7, so I've got only one left and there's about a minute's worth of animation left to complete. Then this baby's all done.

Movie completion percentage is currently: %90

Almost done with the Character histories, here's two of our classic villain-types.

Lord Zett & Nekoneko NyaNya - As much as I love Renaldo and Flyguy, these two I seem to have a lot of sentimental value towards. Those who've seen the other flash movies I've done before Parody Rangers (...and if you have, I am SO sorry) will know that Zett and Nekoneko are both based on a duo of characters directly from the series prior to working on Rangers 1. I tweaked their personalities and voices to fit the "style" of humor in Parody Rangers, designed them in the fashion of the villains of Mighty Morphin' and stuck 'em in there hoping people would get a kick out of it.

Lord Zett, to sum it up, is basically me when I get really, REALLY angry while playing video games. Seriously, it's kinda freaky. Those moments he has, especially in "Green Day" are pretty accurate to how I am when I die during gameplay. Zett's a fun character to play, without a doubt, but he's a bit of a bitch to draw a million times. I also conceptualized him being "the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd" LONG before the character "Thrax" was created as far as I know, but I'm not bitter. There's a joke in the feature movie pertaining to that.

Nekoneko is actually NOT based on Rita but rather the long lost Scorpina, who they kind of decided to take out of the series by the time Lord Zedd showed up. Combining the original character with the same type of armor that Scorpina had I made a cat-version that became Nekoneko the stone-cold ice queen. Since I made Zett such an angry character, I thought Nekoneko made a good comic foil to him despite her lack of personality. That and making them very abusive significant others ended up being one of my favorite gags to use.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

...aaaand tragedy strikes.

My tablet pen is gone. I can't get it replaced because my laptop's warranty is only for broken products, not lost ones. Right now I'm incapable of drawing on my computer and therefore can't work on the Movie right now. I'm SO close to finishing, maybe only about a minute and a half worth of animation left to do and then this thing is all done. I can work on a few other alternate things, but otherwise I'm kinda screwed right now. I'm trying to work something out, but otherwise I'm gonna say the Movie will be delayed until I know for sure what's happening.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Yeah! I've always been with you guys!"

Movie completion percentage is currently: %80

Morty Yttaf - Morty's prettymuch self-explained entirely through his precense in the movie. I thought the entire concept of "Mordant", the character he's based on, being in the original Movie was completely ridiculous and uneccasary, hence Morty's role in the cartoon. You'll see that I try to play up on his unexplained appearance alongside the villains through his "relation" to Goldar, or in this case Flyguy. For some reason somebody thought it was a good idea to remove the line explaining WHY he's even there in the first place, let alone the fact that having him in the movie at all was a good idea.

His voice, performed by Cailen Denton (who previously played The Green Ranger, Vector the Crocodile and Escargoon in the trilogy of Rangers cartoons) was a combination of his weaselly voice used on 1019 for Nack and his NYer Raphael voice used in TMNT Bastardized. I actually like his performance as one of the best in the movie, which I didn't expect considering the character.

Looking back, to be honest, I think it would've been more amusing to have Morty be the original "beta" concept for Mordant...which was supposedly a fuzzy little creature thing that could attach itself to Goldar's leg or something like that. Either that, or removing him from the movie in general, but by this time it was too late and enough decently-funny jokes were written around the character, so.

The Climax!

The Rangers have banded together and the Megazord is good to go...

The final battle will involve everyone, heroes and villains alike!

...perhaps even more than that!

The Rangers stand strong against their greatest enemy.

Will victory await them or a Sploogy demise!?

Movie completion percentage is currently: %75