Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Open Casting Call!

I am having open voiceover auditions for the following characters in the Parody Rangers feature.


Overview - I essentially had to design a character with more sexual appeal than Pinky, even. The main seller on this will be being able to do an English and/or Australian, similiar to that of the character from the real movie (Dulcea). I'll supply a few lines, including the opening monologue that she speaks...and I'm getting this out here now: You don't have to do this for the audition, however, IF you get the part, you WILL have to do about 30 seconds of orgasm improv for a certain scene. I'm saying this now so that when I find the person I need, they're not backing out of it.

Audition lines -
-Ages ago, an interdimensional being named Zordon, established a command center in his never-ending battle against evil. With the aid of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, he was able to gather together a group of young martial artists, giving them the powers to morph into a super fighting force. Now, years later, he has randomly returned to bring in a NEW group of teens, all with serious, freaking issues, have no idea...really. They're fucking scary. Why is this being written this way? Anyways, now there's ANOTHER new set of rangers, because our logic says we need to change their theme into something new. But this time we have an actual BUDGET, so we filmed this movie overseas, in hopes that popularity will further increase. Instead though, we blew the budget on booze, and bastardized your childhood memories of not only the series, but now this feature film...

-I am Dulcy, master Xena warrior princess knockoff Australian supermodel of the Planet Buut2dahed. What the bloody hell do you want from me?

-It's dangerous to venture out here at night, so you may stay here until sunrise. I've prepared a room for you all.


FOR GUYS: Evan Splooge
Overview - This is one of the biggest parts in the movie. The character has a lot of lines...and no voice. Seriously. I've had a few early ideas such as a "Sean Connery" or "The Monarch" voice and other such things, but realized they may be too generic. This character is VERY dependant on comedic timing, and is very demanding in that department. I'd like him to be along similiar lines to how Ivan Ooze (his ancestor) sounds in the real Power Rangers movie. Be creative, as his first line is completely up to your ideas.

Audition lines-
-**Evan Splooge's introduction line of your creation**

-SOOO glad you asked! I am the towering terror, the master of mayhem, the purple punisher, the vi-o-let of vi-o-lence! I AM...DARKWING DU- I mean...they call me EVAN SPLOOGE!

-'EEEEY, how's it hangin' Coach Z!?

-**Generic evil laughter of your creation**
Send these voice auditions in a zip file to and the deadline will be March 1st. You've got a little over a month. Lemme hear some good stuff, people!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Main Character Cast List

Red Meat/Red Ranger - Chris Zito
Billiam Williams/Blue Ranger - Edwyn Tiong
Chan Yung/Yellow Ranger - Maria Vu
Jerome "Mace" Jacksum/Black Ranger - Jacob Sanders
Doodle "Pinky" Yankit/Pink Ranger - Rina Adachi
Willy Williams/White Ranger - Edwyn Tiong
Alpha 5 & Zordon - Arin Hanson

Lord Zet - Chris Niosi
Nekoneko - Marianne Miller
Renaldo - Bryon Beaubien
Flyguy - Arin Hanson
Morty Yttaf - Cailen Denton

Booch Jr. - Mike Carbuccio
Yannick Jr. - Yannick Wyler
Bulk - Mike Luckas
Skull - Zach Bellissimo
  • All previously seen characters will be reprised by their VAs from the Parody Rangers trilogy, with the exception of one. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Santana Questa will not be coming back to play Nekoneko for the movie (on a side note, not all of her lines were recorded for GGPR3, but we made due). If for whatever reason she is able to record before the release, then perhaps, otherwise her voice-match has been approved by both myself and Santana: Marianne Miller, who is actually a professional VA from California and a good friend of mine.
  • For good measure, I've listed the "real" names of the six rangers, and Willy will be presented as the White Ranger in the movie. Also a few new characters include "Morty", the Parody Rangers version of "Mordant" derived from the real movie (played by Cailen Denton, known for Escargoon and Vector the Green Ranger), and Yannick Jr., a friend of Booch Jr. (from GGPR2, who will be returning in the place of "Fred" from the real Power Ranger movie) who teams up with his schoolyard bud to stop the purple boogieman menace known as...Evan Splooge.
  • More on him, and a certain hot Australian chick at a later date. That part involves all of YOU guys, so keep a close eye...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - .:poster:.

This's morphin' time...for the last time...seriously.
IN A WORLD...where flash animation is overrun by sex jokes and disgusting high school potty humor, a group of teenagers with attitude stride to retain rights to their spoof on the Power Rangers legacy. However, when the descendant of the most insanitary evil the universe has ever known rises up and slowly takes over the world, it will be up to those same brave teenagers to take it back by storm! The most incredible battle the Super Freakin' Parody Rangers have ever seen will soon be at hand...

This project has been in the works for several months now. The movie will be a full-length 45 minute to an hour-long feature flash cartoon, fully-animated and handdrawn, especially in comparison to my previous longer movies, such as the big TTA Episodes and the three previous Rangers installments. It is currently in pre-production and no animation has been done yet, due to me being a bit held up by NiN10Doh!. Once that collaboration movie has been finished, the animation process for the Rangers movie will most likely begin. In the meantime, the script has been complete since about December, and punched-up by several of my fellow cast members. I'm in the middle of collecting voice recording from the past, the vast majority of which will be returning for the movie. We'll also be having as many special guest stars as I can nab to come back, with a few new ones already confirmed. Stay tuned.

Just placeholding

This will be the official production blog of...
I'll be periodically updating this blog with develoupments on the movie. Expect casting news, character design sheets, maybe some screenshots as time goes on, and not long from now a VERY important contest regarding some of the new characters.