Thursday, February 7, 2008

...that's RIDICULOUS!!

So you may've noticed a new character on the main character cast list a few entries back, yes?

...iiiiiiiiiiiiit's Yannick!

Those've you who didn't notice from the credits, Booch Jr. and his father from Parody Rangers 2 were originally designed by my good man Zach Bellissimo, "Seizuredemon". Originally these characters were based on our friend Micheal Carbuccio, with the father being himself, years from now, and Jr. being his son. The point was that his son would grow up on whatever comics and cartoons myself, Zach and Mike would make and publish in the future when we grow up to be "famous, rich artists". Tee hee. At the time, the joke was hilarious, so Zach drew up some sketches of Booch & son, and I included them in Rangers 2.

Another friend of ours, Yannick Wyler, was eventually added on to the joke by chance one boring day. He did a completely out-of-nowhere character voice for if there were to be a "Yannick Jr." and we made him into Booch Jr.'s little friend. When the ideas for the Rangers feature film started being developed, I was quickly told to change a certain concept by the suggestion of those same friends. As you may remember from the real Power Rangers movie, "Fred" was the quintessential little annoying kid character for the viewer of the same age to relate to...essentially having no point to the plot whatsoever. Instead of creating a character that parodied Fred, I decided instead to use the duo of Booch and Yannick Jrs. in his place.

Yannick will be playing himself, and has already recorded the dialogue for his character. Booch is still pending, as I'm having a little trouble tracking him down, but I'm sure he'll be recorded soon. Either case, pictured above are the two original sketches by Zach Bellissimo for Yannick Jr.'s character. I'm sure you guys'll get a kick out of him.


LASTLY! You guys've got about a month left for the open casting call involved with the movie. Those've you who I know have already been waiting to audition for this through hearing me talk about it beforehand...GET TO WORK.