Monday, May 31, 2010

Obtainment of the fresh new Zords.

Glad to say I'm already keeping myself on schedule to doing one scene per week, so Scene 2's all finished. Here's a few screencaps yet again:

The Rangers make their way towards the Monolith in true Naruto jumping through endless backgrounds of trees. Always works!

But dangers lurk within Planet Buut2dahed's deadly forests, the greatest of which awaits them at the site of the Monolith!

The Rangers are a bit shaken up...

But their fearless leader's ready to go!

...and their new Zords await them at the end of their quest! With their giant merchandise-worthy vehicles now obtained, it's time to head back to Earth for the final showdown!

Movie completion percentage is currently: 25%

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Alpha, shit's goin' down." + "Aye-yai-yai-yai-YAI!!"

Zordon of Eltar & Alpha 5 - Okay so for obvious reasons I'm only gonna briefly touch on these guys. Similiar to my lack of care towards Flyguy, it's hard to get attached to these two, because they're literally NOT characters of my creation. The Rangers are throwbacks to the original five Mighty Morphin' team, but for the most part they're characters I put my own artistic ability into. Not to say I didn't try to do anything funny with my "versions" Zordon or Alpha, but there's a lack of enthusiasm on my part.

Their characters are essentially set, but were magnified, also similiar to Flyguy, by Egoraptor's take on their voices. Zordon's whole deal, especially at the very beginning with Parody Rangers 1, was based on the "Zordon's Dilemma" clip that Arin recorded years ago. I heard his Alpha impression at some point as well and by the time the inspiration had set in from his clips, it was a perfect chance to animate his characterizations of the two. They end up having kind of an abusive relationship as seen throughout the series, which is damn impressive considering it was Ego literally going back and forth talking to himself between all three voices seamlessly.

So with their characters basically already existant, for the Movie I wanted to utilize them for a different purpose throughout the long and arduous animation process. With Zordon I focused mainly on using interesting facial features and expressions, due to his lack of a body (or particular body, as you'll see in PART 2) and how I had drawn him slightly more intricately for the Movie, I had fun coming up with crazy drawings for his rants and..."gasps". Meanwhile with Alpha, he became much funner to animate than in the series, as I've realized the way I illustrate him in flash is a bunch of McDonalds food. His arms and lower body look like fries, his dome-head looks like a burger, his little arm-claw thingies look like onion rings or something...or possibly the two golden arches along with his torso that makes up the Happy Meal bag. Good lord.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Towards the phallic symbol.

We're back! Sorry for the long delay. Part 3 of the Parody Rangers Feature, the grand finale, is in the works at long last. One of eight scenes has been finished thus far and I expect to have the full thing done in early to mid-July. Here's a few screencaps for ya.

Splooge, still accompanied by Renaldo, Flyguy and Morty as his lackies, at the Orgasmotron construction site.

Can the Juniors do anything to save their parents being forced to work manual labor!?

Meanwhile our heroes ponder over the shape of the monolith where the Powerful Power of Powerfulness lies.

...while Zet and Nekoneko have an awkward afterglow.

...and Alpha gets Cable! What's on the News?

More to come! Movie completion percentage is currently: 13%