Wednesday, June 30, 2010

...aaaand tragedy strikes.

My tablet pen is gone. I can't get it replaced because my laptop's warranty is only for broken products, not lost ones. Right now I'm incapable of drawing on my computer and therefore can't work on the Movie right now. I'm SO close to finishing, maybe only about a minute and a half worth of animation left to do and then this thing is all done. I can work on a few other alternate things, but otherwise I'm kinda screwed right now. I'm trying to work something out, but otherwise I'm gonna say the Movie will be delayed until I know for sure what's happening.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Yeah! I've always been with you guys!"

Movie completion percentage is currently: %80

Morty Yttaf - Morty's prettymuch self-explained entirely through his precense in the movie. I thought the entire concept of "Mordant", the character he's based on, being in the original Movie was completely ridiculous and uneccasary, hence Morty's role in the cartoon. You'll see that I try to play up on his unexplained appearance alongside the villains through his "relation" to Goldar, or in this case Flyguy. For some reason somebody thought it was a good idea to remove the line explaining WHY he's even there in the first place, let alone the fact that having him in the movie at all was a good idea.

His voice, performed by Cailen Denton (who previously played The Green Ranger, Vector the Crocodile and Escargoon in the trilogy of Rangers cartoons) was a combination of his weaselly voice used on 1019 for Nack and his NYer Raphael voice used in TMNT Bastardized. I actually like his performance as one of the best in the movie, which I didn't expect considering the character.

Looking back, to be honest, I think it would've been more amusing to have Morty be the original "beta" concept for Mordant...which was supposedly a fuzzy little creature thing that could attach itself to Goldar's leg or something like that. Either that, or removing him from the movie in general, but by this time it was too late and enough decently-funny jokes were written around the character, so.

The Climax!

The Rangers have banded together and the Megazord is good to go...

The final battle will involve everyone, heroes and villains alike!

...perhaps even more than that!

The Rangers stand strong against their greatest enemy.

Will victory await them or a Sploogy demise!?

Movie completion percentage is currently: %75

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"HM-HMM!!" + "Ohhh, Lord Zet!!"

Movie completion percentage is currently: 64%

Gweedoh Renaldo & Flyguy McGolden - These two ended up being some of the most popular among the Parody Rangers cast. Renaldo is based loosely on Finster, the monster-maker of Rita Repulsa, along with some traits of his VA, Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien. Flyguy is much more directly based on Goldar, Rita's top hench...thing; in fact his name is based on his "beta-name" used during the Mighty Morphin' pilot episode, where he (and another monster) are both confusingly reffered to as Flyguy.

Renaldo, to this day, is one of the only things I can still actually LAUGH at when I watch the Rangers movies, otherwise I tend to find them a bit stale in comedy for the vast majority of the time. His voice was based on a random joke Psy made about Gargamell from The Smurfs cartoon and while recording him he couldn't help but do Renaldo's now famous "Hm-Hmm!!" noise before each line and it eventually stuck. Everyone seems to like him best among the villains and for good reason.

For Flyguy I originally was going to find someone else simply so I could add more people into the cast, but eventually felt it'd be better if I stuck with Egoraptor's already hysterical Goldar impression for the character, adding another to Ego's large number of voices he does for the series. By the end of the trilogy Renaldo and Flyguy end up being sort of a "duo" with their various gags off of each other.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Special Download: Three Parody Rangers Songs!

Click here to download the Zip folder with these three songs!

"Mojiri Sentai: Parodyranger!" - This was the ending credits theme to PART 2 of the Feature Movie. Performed by myself, with some mish-moshin' by Chris Zito (the voice of Meat), it's a spoof of the original opening theme song from Kyoryu Sentai: Zyuranger (the Japanese show of which Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers originates from). The song is all about Parody Rangers itself and what these ridiculous cartoons are all about. This was released briefly on Newgrounds, but now it's here just for you!

"Give me the Splooge to carry on" - When the Movie was thought at one point to be split into four parts, this WOULD have been the ending credits theme to PART 3 of the Movie, but since PART 3 has been condensed enough to be the finale of the entire Feature, this song had no room to be used. However, it's incredibly funny and performed by Josh Tomar, in character as Evan Splooge. The song is from the english version of Sailor Moon, an insert song about the final battle against the bad guys. Josh was performing this on his way home to record Evan Splooge with me and was rehearsing and prepping the character voice by just for fun, he recorded this!

"Power Rangers Epic Mix" - Created by Chris O'Neill, another cartoonist from Newgrounds, this is an instrumental version of the Power Rangers theme he also submitted to the Audio Portal if you'd like to download it from there. I wanted to find a place to use it in the Movie, but sadly there was no room. Thankfully though, there was a perfect place to use it in the Supah Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The final battle has begun!

Here's a few shots of the newest scenes!

Back at the Command Center, it looks like something's gone terribly sour...

...but our heroes have no time to mourn.

Now is the time for ACTION!

Evan Splooge and his lackies watch as Angel Grove City is plunged into chaos by the Orgasmotrons!

He's in for a bit of a shocker though, when his greatest threat shows up to foil his plans!

...the purple snot-rocket might have a trick up his grimy sleeve.

Movie completion percentage is currently: 50%

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kay-Me-Ohz! the Second...

Completely forgot to do these forever ago! Here's a few of the notable cameos that appeared throughout PART 2 of the Parody Rangers Feature.

Noah Scammon - The real Faceman himself! I met Noah at New York Comiccon a few years back and hung out with him and Josh Tomar (voice of Evan Splooge) for a fun ol' weekend and became familiar with his live-action character, Faceman! He was so funny, I couldn't help but try to work an animated version of him into the Movie. Willy's "day job" scene was up in the air, but Faceman's talkshow worked perfectly for it!

Mike Pollock - The voice of Dr. Eggman and many other Saturday morning characters, who was very cool to return as "Eyengel" the big floating eyeball with wings, a halo and a bazooka. I wrote what I thought was a memorable mini-monologue for the little Monster-of-the-week to give to Renaldo and company as advice.

Xero Reynolds - Xero previously played Lemalonei in Go! Go! Parody Rangers: IN SPACE, who sadly died due to being squished onto Lord Zet's floating base. But, the Evan's Splooge commercial lent itself to another opportune cameo moment, so I created a little charicature of Xero himself to be thrown in there. "I'll buy some!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Special Limited Time Offer! Free Sneak Preview of PART 3!

Movie completion percentage is currently: 37%

So with Part 3 of the Parody Rangers Feature Movie about a third of the way done, I decided to have a special offer for all of the patient watchers who've been waiting for this psychotic project to be finished and released already. Thanks to I'll be starting a cool little commission deal! For a measly five bucks, I will draw you one character of your choice, which can be your own character, someone else's character, maybe even a pre-existing character if you want, in the simplified Parody Rangers-style.

I often do this on my commissions page on 1111 DeviantArt, which is also open of course, but the special deal on comes with a little bonus! If you order a five dollar commission from me on Fiverr and include your e-mail address, I will personally send you a preview of Part 3's animation! The first 6 Minutes and 37 Seconds (Yes, 37, I didn't plan on that, I swear.) are complete, so you'll be way ahead of the other Parody Rangers followers and will get to see a whole bunch of surprising new material for the last half of the Movie way ahead of time! This will only last for the month of June though, so get 'em while they're hot!

The final film will hopefully still be released in July if I can continue to get it done on schedule. I do have a couple conventions to hit up, but so far I've managed to complete one scene per week. Let's hope I can still pull it off and finally put a cap on this thang.