Monday, June 28, 2010

"Yeah! I've always been with you guys!"

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Morty Yttaf - Morty's prettymuch self-explained entirely through his precense in the movie. I thought the entire concept of "Mordant", the character he's based on, being in the original Movie was completely ridiculous and uneccasary, hence Morty's role in the cartoon. You'll see that I try to play up on his unexplained appearance alongside the villains through his "relation" to Goldar, or in this case Flyguy. For some reason somebody thought it was a good idea to remove the line explaining WHY he's even there in the first place, let alone the fact that having him in the movie at all was a good idea.

His voice, performed by Cailen Denton (who previously played The Green Ranger, Vector the Crocodile and Escargoon in the trilogy of Rangers cartoons) was a combination of his weaselly voice used on 1019 for Nack and his NYer Raphael voice used in TMNT Bastardized. I actually like his performance as one of the best in the movie, which I didn't expect considering the character.

Looking back, to be honest, I think it would've been more amusing to have Morty be the original "beta" concept for Mordant...which was supposedly a fuzzy little creature thing that could attach itself to Goldar's leg or something like that. Either that, or removing him from the movie in general, but by this time it was too late and enough decently-funny jokes were written around the character, so.

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