Saturday, June 5, 2010

Special Limited Time Offer! Free Sneak Preview of PART 3!

Movie completion percentage is currently: 37%

So with Part 3 of the Parody Rangers Feature Movie about a third of the way done, I decided to have a special offer for all of the patient watchers who've been waiting for this psychotic project to be finished and released already. Thanks to I'll be starting a cool little commission deal! For a measly five bucks, I will draw you one character of your choice, which can be your own character, someone else's character, maybe even a pre-existing character if you want, in the simplified Parody Rangers-style.

I often do this on my commissions page on 1111 DeviantArt, which is also open of course, but the special deal on comes with a little bonus! If you order a five dollar commission from me on Fiverr and include your e-mail address, I will personally send you a preview of Part 3's animation! The first 6 Minutes and 37 Seconds (Yes, 37, I didn't plan on that, I swear.) are complete, so you'll be way ahead of the other Parody Rangers followers and will get to see a whole bunch of surprising new material for the last half of the Movie way ahead of time! This will only last for the month of June though, so get 'em while they're hot!

The final film will hopefully still be released in July if I can continue to get it done on schedule. I do have a couple conventions to hit up, but so far I've managed to complete one scene per week. Let's hope I can still pull it off and finally put a cap on this thang.

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