Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"HM-HMM!!" + "Ohhh, Lord Zet!!"

Movie completion percentage is currently: 64%

Gweedoh Renaldo & Flyguy McGolden - These two ended up being some of the most popular among the Parody Rangers cast. Renaldo is based loosely on Finster, the monster-maker of Rita Repulsa, along with some traits of his VA, Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien. Flyguy is much more directly based on Goldar, Rita's top hench...thing; in fact his name is based on his "beta-name" used during the Mighty Morphin' pilot episode, where he (and another monster) are both confusingly reffered to as Flyguy.

Renaldo, to this day, is one of the only things I can still actually LAUGH at when I watch the Rangers movies, otherwise I tend to find them a bit stale in comedy for the vast majority of the time. His voice was based on a random joke Psy made about Gargamell from The Smurfs cartoon and while recording him he couldn't help but do Renaldo's now famous "Hm-Hmm!!" noise before each line and it eventually stuck. Everyone seems to like him best among the villains and for good reason.

For Flyguy I originally was going to find someone else simply so I could add more people into the cast, but eventually felt it'd be better if I stuck with Egoraptor's already hysterical Goldar impression for the character, adding another to Ego's large number of voices he does for the series. By the end of the trilogy Renaldo and Flyguy end up being sort of a "duo" with their various gags off of each other.

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