Monday, June 7, 2010

Kay-Me-Ohz! the Second...

Completely forgot to do these forever ago! Here's a few of the notable cameos that appeared throughout PART 2 of the Parody Rangers Feature.

Noah Scammon - The real Faceman himself! I met Noah at New York Comiccon a few years back and hung out with him and Josh Tomar (voice of Evan Splooge) for a fun ol' weekend and became familiar with his live-action character, Faceman! He was so funny, I couldn't help but try to work an animated version of him into the Movie. Willy's "day job" scene was up in the air, but Faceman's talkshow worked perfectly for it!

Mike Pollock - The voice of Dr. Eggman and many other Saturday morning characters, who was very cool to return as "Eyengel" the big floating eyeball with wings, a halo and a bazooka. I wrote what I thought was a memorable mini-monologue for the little Monster-of-the-week to give to Renaldo and company as advice.

Xero Reynolds - Xero previously played Lemalonei in Go! Go! Parody Rangers: IN SPACE, who sadly died due to being squished onto Lord Zet's floating base. But, the Evan's Splooge commercial lent itself to another opportune cameo moment, so I created a little charicature of Xero himself to be thrown in there. "I'll buy some!"

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