Sunday, December 14, 2008


Production on Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - Part 2 has officially begun. This second part, entitled "Planet Buut2dahed" will run about 18 minutes in length with all of the "episodes" put together. If I can't put all of them together into one thing as I failed with the previous Part, I'm not sure how many "episodes" of this one will be, we'll have to see, but I've just finished editing together the audio, so the animation process can now officially begin.

Also in the coming months, I'll be doing more posts here again, sorry there hasn't been much going on as of late. Expect more behind-the-scenes stuff and character histories, etc. Also I've been animating plenty of other things in the meantime, projects I hope you'll enjoy just as much. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No worries.

If it wasn't obvious, I've been taking a break at the reccomendation of a few peers. Despite a lotta things that've happened since the "production" of this thing started, I absolutely plan on finishing it. I have enough motivation and drive at the very least and want to finish what I start. By Christmas vacation I'll be starting on the animation process of Part 2. I'll probably be revising some parts of the script that I simply don't find funny anymore, but for the most part the movie will remain as is. Stick with me, folks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So among the additional voices in all of -Part 1-'s complete runtime were a few special guests here and there. Here's a couple of 'em that might interest you guys:

Jonathan C. Osbourne - Voice of Gaimon & Shojo in the FUNimation dub of One Piece, played Tron villain "Sark" in the tail end of scene 2. Funnily enough, my Dad (who previously played Lord Zedd on the phone in GGPR2) was the voice of the Master Control Program.

Martin Billany - Better known as LittleKuriboh, creator of "Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series", going along with his joke of Dan Green being one of the minions of Ivan Ooze (which he wasn't, but anyway...) and thus I designed one of the Rats with Yugi's crazy hair.

Joey Blanchette - Also known as LegendaryFrog, one of Newgrounds' old school animators from things like "One Ring To Rule Them All" lent his voice to the talking Gnarwal sword. He ended up using a voice like Homsar from Homestarrunner, hence why it's drawn that way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Part 1 : Episode 1

Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - Part 1 "You Splooge You Lose"
[Episode 1-1 - Runtime: 5 Minutes 49 Seconds]

Our heroes are back in action and kick off their summer with some TOTALLY EXTREME sports in their spare time...but as usual, all is not well. Lord Zet and his sinister crew have a new secret weapon, uncovered in the midst of a chance explosion that gives the villains a huge advantage! The Rangers must face what could be their most powerful and certainly most disgusting foe yet, but this time their powers alone may not be enough.

The entirety of Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE -Part 1- is about 14 minutes in length and will be split into three seperate pieces for submission to Newgrounds. Part 1's animation process began in May of 2008 and was continued and finished in early September, all the while sharpening my overal animation skill and ability. This movie is completely traditionally animated by myself and was made for Newgrounds promotion. This film is NOT for kids and contains plenty of innapropriate (not to mention, immature) humor. If this sort of thing isn't up your alley or if you are offended by such content in any way, please feel free to give it a pass. Otherwise, to the fans who've followed along with Parody Rangers previously, I hope you enjoy it for what it is and have some fun!

Thanks everyone who tried to help with the submission problem: Marc Levy, Dave Smith and Bryon Beaubien, as well as my incredible voice cast and special guests for the movie, Kira for mastering the audio and several friends of mine for testing and giving feedback on this project. GO!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Patience is a virtue.

We're workin' on it. This past week has mostly been dedicated to the tech side of things and getting all five scenes that make up Part 1 to work in a way that it can be submitted to Newgrounds. Much of this I owe to Marc Levy, otherwise known as "God of Chaos" who has the patience of a saint, helping me out with his video and general tech knowledge to get this thing done for you guys. Just bear with us for a little more and it should be completed soon. Sorry for the delays.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're in business.

The animation process of Part 1 is now officially complete. The final steps to be taken are the audio mastering and then compiling. If everything goes smoothly, Part 1 should be up for what I hope will be your viewing pleasure within the next week. Here's hoping...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Truth About Go! Go! Parody Rangers.

Late into my 11th Grade year in High School, I began thinking of a new concept for a flash movie after realizing pretty far in that my previous series wasn't being very successful. Wanting to do something slightly more advanced than moving sprites around on a battle grid shooting pixelated projectiles at each other, I looked at something that would also be more appealing to Newgrounds, which was where I continued to post my flash movies since I first started in 2004. After listening to some funny clips recorded by Egoraptor, I got inspired and realized that Power Rangers hadn't really been spoofed in cartoon form on Newgrounds. Dragonball Z, Mario and Sonic dominated the parody department for a good long while and I had always been a huge Power Rangers fan as a kid, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Wanting to start basic with the use of "character models" along the style of other graphics within Newgrounds movies, as well as many flash-based cartoons on [Adult Swim], I designed the Rangers before the summer of 2006 began and conceptualized the overall movie. I wrote up the script, casted everybody with some of the best voices I could depend on from the previous project I worked on, along with Egoraptor who was kind enough to join the cast with his intepretation of Zordon & Alpha 5. I designed each of the Rangers with something specific to focus on in the animation, such as Meat's muscle structure, Chan's anime character-like movements, or Pinky's...assets, all of which later came VERY much in handy for when I started to fully animate the characters in the current movie.

Three installments later with a decent amount of success, it was a good ride and meant a lot to me to recieve any sort of recognition on Newgrounds for the first time. However, it hasn't come without its mistakes in the process. My first mistake with the series as a whole was having such a specific set audience in mind from the beginning. With production of an actual cartoon for broadcast for instance, your audience is definitely something to consider, but not in the same way, since this ended up causing a few other issues. My second mistake, going off of that, was the "style" of humor that I ended up depending on. My whole approach at "marketting" Parody Rangers 1 started with promoting Egoraptor doing a large amount of voice acting in it, as well as the use of several jokes from the previously linked clips. Then, to add fuel to the fire, my obsession at the time with various internet memes from a few certain websites didn't quite help.

The three movies continued to be less and less about spoofing Power Rangers and more about jokes along those lines in order to "appease" the niche on Newgrounds that I had drawn in. Since the Feature movie is a direct adaptation of the Power Rangers movie with Ivan Ooze, I think it goes back to the "roots" of the original idea being to poke at Power Rangers, all in good fun, but still with plenty of "those kind" of jokes that some people still enjoy as well. For both sides of that spectrum I think there's more than enough to entertain, very much also in thanks to my amazing voice cast that just make everything a thousand times funnier than what I actually write...because to be honest, I don't look back on any of the 3 installments, or even this current feature and genuinely think I'm ANY sort of expert on comedy. At all.

In either case...and this applies to anything I make and put out for people to see, the point is to entertain. If the audience that exists gets a kick out of it, THAT'S what matters regardless of what my thoughts are. The Feature Movie is essentially an explosion of all things Parody Rangers are known for; this is both a good thing and a bad thing. However, I can simply hope that everyone who watches it will just take it for what it is. Then, once I'm finished with the entire thing I can move on to, what I can also hope will be, bigger and better things. Still, I think it's important for any artist or creator to accept older works as themself being at that stage during that point in time. Even if they weren't necassarily "Good" stages, I feel that way about both TTA and Go! Go! Parody Rangers now, even with the latter still technically going on. It's prettymuch all I can do.

Monday, August 25, 2008

You caught...a "SCREEN!"

" Give nickname to SCREEN? "

The last one I had to color twice, along with the other frames accompanying it due to Flash crashing midway into the coloring process, doubling my work that day. Just put the finishing touches on this 2 and a half minute more to go!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is how the college bum works!

We're not 3 quarters of the way from finishing. Scene 4 is nearly finished, which will soon bump progress up to about 80% completion on Part 1's animation. Scene 5 is about two minutes in length and shouldn't be incredibly difficult to animate, so definitely it should be finished and hopefully out for people to watch by mid-September. I'm having a few tech issues, such as getting more RAM for my computer resolved very soon. There's also the matter of me going back to college in about a week.

Going off of that, here's a comparison of how I'm working currently to how I'll be working not long from now.

So essentially, because of my computer's current power, it's going to be a little difficult to continue currently. One issue may be covered thanks to what will hopefully be the super-powered computers at the School of Visual Arts being able to back me up with what I'm doing currently, as well as anything else I'll be doing for the next couple of years. So long story short, I have about a week left to work on both my laptop and converse/be distracted by my Home PC, before I head back to the concrete jungle where I'll mostly be using JUST my laptop while working with gigantic .fla files and continuing to finish this godforsaken project.

I'll have Scene 4 screenshots soon, most likely.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Aright, so we're at this point, the summer's almost over...time for a reality check.

"$00pah NiN10Doh!" probably won't be out by this month. I'm pushing for everyone on board, including myself, to finish all of their segments, but honestly I don't think it's gonna happen. I was hoping it'd be released by mid-summer, but by the time the convention swung around I knew that wasn't gonna happen, so I aimed for August.

More importantly (I guess?), the Rangers Movie is continuing to be worked on and I'm currently animating Scene 4 (out of 5). This one I DEFINITELY wanted to be out by the end of the Summer, or more likely the very beginning of September. Yet again, honestly, s'probably not gonna happen. I've finished plenty of work for $00pah NiN10Doh!, but the Movie needs to come first since I'm in serious need of money for college.

Now for the big one, in regards to the Parody Rangers Feature Movie as a whole.

I'm not going to bore you all with details, nor do I feel like sharing them here, but long story short: a LOT of stuff has happened since San Diego Comic-Con. Some of that "stuff" has forced me to also take a major reality check on the Parody Rangers "franchise" (I use that term EXTREMELY lightly) overall...that being, it's really not that good in the first place. In fact, many of the reasons people like it in the first place, are things that have nothing to do with me. There's quite a bit of meaning behind that statement alone.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate when anyone enjoys anything I've done, regardless of how I feel about it. Nevertheless, my feelings have changed, plus, as previously mentioned, I don't wanna be doing this forever. I genuinely WANT to finish both of these projects I'm working on currently, in case of the Movie being all three parts of it. There's a slim, SLIM chance that Part 1 of the Movie may be the only part that is actually finished and submitted, however I'm not aiming for this outcome. I'd much rather complete the movie in its entirety and complete the "story". That's more likely to happen, but I'm putting that possibility out now, so you're aware.

I know a lot of this is a bit vague and I apologize for that. Bear with me for a bit longer and I'll hope for the best. What's relevant about this post, I guess you could say, is that hopefully Part 1 will be finished and released by September, while $00pah NiN10Doh! follows soon after.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Hey, so. ComicCon. Long story short: It was fucking incredible.

I'm making a semi-con report since I'll be lucky enough to get you guys to read THIS much as is.

After getting in to San Diego the previous day, my group, which consisted of Mike, Zach, Tom and our first-ever meeting with the fabled Tara Billinger, checked into DoubleTree and we checked out Preview Night of the con. Admitedly I didn't spend too much time with my travelling partners at the time of the con itself, as I quickly made my way over to the Behemoth/Newgrounds booth beneath row 5000, which was incredibly conveniant by the way. After getting to meet most of everyone, I hung with Kira Buckland, Ross O'Donovan & Hans Van Harken that night. We headed to their hotel with a group of others for some Smashin' and good times were had, and even CZ joined in on the fun!

We had a good number of fans come to say hey over at the booth, which was an awesome lead up to the absolutely outstanding party we had on Friday night. I gotta fuckin' hand it to Tom Fulp and the fine people at Behemoth (who brought you Alien Homonid and now Castle Crashers) for setting this thing up. I got to mingle with many, many fine folks I hadn't fully interacted with, including Krinkels, Ryan Miller & Jenna Smith, the Super Flash Bros. and tons more. This party just really made me proud to be part of a community like Newgrounds, with so many creative people in one place...and I can say that I'm in that pool of talent. Screw the naysayers of the animation world that scrutinize this site, I love it, and I love everyone that's in it.

There were some speedbumps for me here and there. I had some MAJOR issues with my debt card thanks to the hotel having some screw-ups...and then after the fact we almost got kicked outta the hotel one night, but thankfully avoided that. I missed the Avatar panel on the Friday, but went to the party for its entirety instead of the last two hours, which was a much better idea in the long run. Cycon, his brother Jared and girlfriend Elise, Channel Cat and Kira were all nice enough to set me up with a cab to get back home that night as well. You guys are the bomb...s.
Con-related stuff directly, let's see...met Jhonen Vasquez and got to speak with him for a bit, where I got some helpful advice from a fellow animator. I met Bryan Lee O'Malley the creator of Scott Pilgrim & the Avatar creators later on, both for a total of 30 seconds each sadly, but pleasures nonetheless to make their aqquaintences. Got some autographs from them, which was neat. I also met Erin Fitzgerald, the voice of Nazz & May on Ed, Edd & Eddy as well as her buddy Mel Crosby, both of them were incredibly nice and I swear talked to me for like 15 minutes. I got some great feedback from them after checking out some of my stuff so I did a decent amount of networking while I was there. Ironically, it was also mostly with people I didn't plan on trying to network WITH in the first place, which was a neat surprise.

Bought a few things, but not too much due to money troubles. I gotta sketch from Tokyopop Artist and FUNimation voice actor, Sonny Strait (Krillin, Usopp, Hughes) at his Artist Alley table. I got a copy of "Adventures in Voice Acting" on DVD, finally. I bought my own copy of Scott Pilgrim Volume 4 from the Oni Press booth, as well as a copy of good sir Chris Reilly's comic Igor at the SLG booth. Probably picked up a few other things, but most of my money was dedicated to eating...which is sad because I realize I didn't eat nearly enough as I should have during this trip. Also I tasted sushi for the first time, which is totally not groundbreaking by normal standards, I know, but it was a big deal for me. Oh and a bunch of us watched a screening of AiKa R-16, the first anime featuring Kira as a lead character, and we all laughed our asses off at the ridiculous amounts of unecassary pantyshots and titshots.

The only thing I was disappointed about was my farewell. I feel like I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone. Nonetheless, the fact that I got to meet everyone was enough to satisfy me. Along with satisfaction, I felt...resolved. That definitely describes this con pretty well, for me anyway, that a lot of stuff was resolved. Many of those things of which were a pretty big deal. I feel incredibly refreshed and happy. This was one of the best weekends...hell, WEEKS of my life. So to everyone...Tom Fulp and his lovely wife April, Flash Bros. Tom & Dim, Luis, Afro-Ninja, Anigen, Egoraptor, Ross, Hans, CZ, Mike Ruocco, Ryan & Jenna, Cycon and his DCK crew, Red and especially Kira, you guys made this fuckin' trip for me. Thanks to all of you so much for an amazing time.

Just got back home today, where my team and I saw off Tara and her mom & sister. We'll be seein' Tara down here in a month or so for school, but it was thanks to her and her family that this trip was even possible in the first place so thanks to you guys too!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Destiny draws nearer...

Newgrounds is freedom for all things animation.

First off, and most importantly: Scene 3 is finished and Part 1 of the Movie has reached 60% completion. I now have the remainder of the summer to finish two more scenes and hopefully release the final product of Part 1 just before Fall. Here's some screencaps to whet your appetite.

San Diego Comic-con is about a week away and in about 5 days I'll be shipping off to California. I've gotta LOT of stuff to crack down on and finish before the weekend's up, mostly in preparation for the con. This event is gonna prove to be quite monumental for me, like a big story arc where you kinda-sorta know what will happen but don't know exactly how it'll play out. I know that's an incredibly dorky way of putting it, but I'm really excited about this and am hoping everything will go smoothly. Takin' a small break from working on the movie for this breif moment, but rest assured I'll be getting plenty of important work done.

I'm proud of myself...I know that's probably going to come off as "arrogant" to some, but I genuinely mean it. I'm proud of how far I've made it, even if it's not very far to begin with, with my own abilities as an artist and with the help of all the people that have helped out and care enough to wanna be there with me. I'm really thankful for those contributing friends and partners and I've got big plans. My only hope is that things will pan out as I continue to work harder and harder and gain more and more experience, and then hopefully said big plans will come to fruition, somehow.

"You ants have a nice summer...LET'S RIDE!!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Oh my god, it's SO GOOD..."

Still working on Scene 3. Meantime, here's the last of the Rangers' character histories.

Doodle "Pinky" Yankit - Last of the three overshadowed stereotypes is my "tribute" to preppy/valley-girl Kimberly. Pinky's design is a combination of her (Amy Jo Johnson) and the second Pink Ranger, Kat (minus the Australian). Her name actually comes from the original script listing all of the Rangers by their color and not by their actual names, which I was only partially coming up with at the time. I couldn't think of something good for her, so I ended up keeping her nickname that Meat reffered to her by, "Pinky". Later I ended up using this as a plot device for stopping a time-warp, by having her real name (Doodle) be the keyword to save the day. Her real name is obviously supposed to be like "Yankee Doodle" but the "Yankit" part makes reference to her...'job' during "sexy time" as mentioned a few times.

On that same note, yeah she's essentially the eye-candy/sex symbol of the series. I tried to make her another case like Chan where she's one of the only characters who knows what's going on in the grand scheme of things, but yet she has plenty of "dumb blonde" moments as you'll witness very early on in the movie.

Her voice was another obvious one, plus it's an easy character to pull off. I handed this one to Rina Adachi (known as Mizura on places like the VAA) since I felt she was a bit underexposed in the amateur voiceover world, especially in the case of NG, so this felt like a good oppourtunity.

Monday, June 30, 2008

"Id'll be awsum mo'fo'a, we'll go up'n be all like...R-R-R-RUDU-DU-DU-DU-DUH!!

First off, please be sure to check out my newly designed website!

July finally arrives and as each day passes my anticipation for ComicCon grows. I made lots of great memories at AnimeExpo about a year ago and sadly can't attend again this summer, but a few members of the Parody Rangers cast, including Egoraptor, Tomamoto and Rina-chan who was the champion of last year's AXIdol competition, will be there. Ego and Tomamoto will both be entering this time around and are sure to dominate. Can't wait to see the videos of it. Anyways, here's one of the last two Rangers characters histories:

Jerome "Mace" Jacksum - The token black character, who I'm surprised I haven't gotten reamed for yet. I have NO idea as to where Mace's design came from. I knew off the bat that there was going to be a black character, as a throwback to "Zack" from the original Mighty Morphin' Team, and I think Mace even had a different name at some point (which escapes me). The flails (which I thought at the time were maces) were just some strange quirk I thought'd be funny to go along with his "bling" factor, plus the -M- (Majin) amulet he wears...I think he even has a golden tooth.

His voice was obvious from the start, but it was a tad tricky finding someone who could do a tough (but still funny-sounding) urban-black voice. I actually went through about two or three people before I settled on Jacob Sanders (aka Niro Rose), since two of them couldn't do it and one of them was sick at the time. Niro was another case where I felt like he should be given a fully character, so I gave him a shot and he nailed it better than I expected.

I felt like the voice was getting higher and higher as the three movies progressed, so we worked hard to make sure it was deep sounding. There's a joke in the feature movie pertaining to his voice that I dare not spoil. Rest assured though, Niro's about as white as it gets.

Oh for all ten of you interested (for what reason I'll never know), the reason behind Mace's flail arms'll be explained in the movie during a certain part improved completely by Niro. Look forward to that.

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Sure, I love to be for your team!"

Scene 2 of Part 1 is complete! So about 5-6 minutes of the 14-15 full length of Part 1 is done (2 out of 5 scenes). Scene 3 I'm very excited about working on, since it's the first apperance of the villains in fully-animated movie form. The whole thing's comin' along very well so far. Here's another little character history, this time of:

Chan Yung - Playing up the horrible Asian-stereotype jokes, Chan was born. I learned after the fact that Thuy Trang, the actress who portrayed "Trini" in the original Mighty Morphin' series, ended up dying in a terrible car accident, hence the small tribute to her at the end of Rangers 1, with Chan popping up using a quick little blooper her VA did during the record. Maria Vu was another case where I wanted to make use of her as a main character, similiar to my usage of Chris for Meat. We quickly found her cute little voice and made Chan into almost like a "mascot" character, despite her obviously being overshadowed by Meat and Billiam for example. There very easily could be plushies of her.

On the animation side of things, I did some...weird things with Chan. Her face was done as a cross between the "^_^" emoticon and a bunch of V's put together to make features, with her mouth, specifically, being animated at a lower framerate to give the illusion of an "Anime mouth". This is more obvious in the feature movie. Another odd trait I gave her, and this was the case with Willy too, was her lack of arms during certain scenes. She's supposed to have flaily kimino sleeves, but they only show up when she needs to. You'll see plenty of moments in the movie where they magically appear and disappear depending on the situation.

Chan, along with Mace and Pinky in certain cases, ends up also being one of the only SMART characters in story, giving the attitude that she seems the be the only one who actually knows what's going on...though at the same time, I seem to make a lotta jokes with her being "paired up" with other characters, such as the fanfictions (that don't really exist, I promise) of her and Willy, followed by having her and Mace "hook up" afterward.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"This show is racist propaganda like whoa..." & "Forward, my fellow troops of justice!"

Still workin' on Scene 2. I've got some pretty detailed backgrounds to complete for this one, hopefully they'll turn out half-decent thanks to my having reference on-hand from the movie itself. Kinda wish the background artist deal would've worked out, but ah well. My goal is to be into (if not done with) the 3rd Scene before ComicCon. I'm also aiming for a t-shirt to release along with the first part of the movie. Le'ts hope that'll work out. Meantime, here's another character (or characters, in this case) history:

Willy & Billiam Williams - I originally cast Edwyn Tiong as Willy in Parody Rangers 1 after hearing the voice eventually used for the character in another flash movie as "Jeff Andonuts" from Earthbound. The voice was very high-pitched, fast and hyper. Sometimes you couldn't even understand it, but it worked perfectly. I didn't voice direct Edwyn straight-forward for the first Rangers cartoon, so he did all of the lines in what was eventually Billaims voice! I told him that it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but that the voice was hilarious and definitely wanted to make use of it somehow. Sure enough, the second one came around I found a "use" for it pretty damn quick.

The setup of Meat and Willy being best buddies worked very well, as it helped give more reason for Meat's swirling emotions for the later episodes. Since Willy is directly based on Billy from the Mighty Morphin' series, I had him "move away" and replaced, as per the usual in the history of the Power Rangers series, and figured it would be easily accepted by the viewers. I'm glad I made the decision, as Billiam's one of my favorite characters now as well.

Billiam is a combination of many different things, at least by his looks anyway. Cyborg 002 and Pheonix Wright were, for whatever reason, the first things that came into my head for when I came up with his character design. The voice that Edwyn indirectly came up with was so hilarious and led into my choice of making Billiam a flaming stereotypical gay man. I remember a few friends of mine in High School were a little shaky on making the switch to him from Willy, but after "Green Day" came out everyone settled into him nicely. Now Willy's boring in comparison to him.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Yo, evil! I'ma Powah Rangah! BIZZAM!"

Little somethin' to hold you guys over. I'm working on the second scene now, makin' MUCH better progress since this one's a little shorter. By now I'm about a quarter of the way through the first part of the movie that will be submitted before the end of the Summer. But anyway, here's the first of a few character history stories, starting with everyone's favorite:

Red Meat - Originally based on a clip done by Egoraptor called "Zordon's Dilemma", which featured Zordon and Tommy from the original Mighty Morphin' series arguing about random crap, and Jason comes in at the end screaming like a maniac. Jason, of course, was obviously Meat's base model.

When Parody Rangers 1 was first conceptualized back in 2006, I thought the movie would be carried mainly by Zordon and Alpha having to deal with annoying teenagers. By the end of the movie, I and everybody else knew Meat was the REAL star of the show. Chris Zito does an amazing job with his voice, and I knew I was gonna use him as the character from the beginning after wanting to make use of his voice talent as a MAIN character for quite a while. Meat's over-enthusiasm lends itself well to his quotable catch-phrases the fans can't help but dig.

He's also overly emotional, which I helped play up on throughout the trilogy of movies, where he can be totally gung-ho and a your best bud in the world, but as soon as something goes horribly wrong for him, he becomes a sea of sorrow and regret, which slowly turns into depressing anger and rage. The feature movie gives quite a bit of development, very much akin to the process he goes through during each of the original three movies I've made.
By this point, Meat's without a doubt one of my favorite characters of the hundreds I've created and designed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

First Official Screencaps!

Hey all. Been getting a little distracted again, but the project's still coming along. I've managed to complete a few sections of the movie's first scene, so I've taken the liberty of snaggin' a few screencaps. Here's a few for ya:

Who doesn't love a group of young athletic teenagers falling out of a plane from miles above ground? ...and for CHARITY even! Those kids, they bring a tear to my eye. Oh token-fat and token-goth are in there. Designing and color-scheming their jumpsuits was fun, though I still don't get why the citizens of Angel Grove are retarted enough to NOT catch-on to the whole color-coding thing and realize their true identities. Oh well.

Stay tuned for more, since I've got some background design and character sketches to put up in the near future, along with some character bios with info on their creation and the like.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a PINCH...

Just a quick update. I've been MAJORLY slacking off as of late, despite having distractions of slight importance, such as a commission for a friend of mine as well as a quick segment for a collaborative movie that is NOT related to $00pah NiN10Doh!, but money is involved with both of those side-projects, so it's forgivable. In any case, I've finally been getting down to business with the animation on the Movie. Since it will be split up into parts, hopefully that being THREE 15-20 minute movies that will all later on be combined together, the Production Status percentile on the right side of the blog has been outfitted to match the completion of just the first part.

I'm hoping that the first part (which is about 15 minutes long or so) will be at least finished before the end of the summer, and $00pah NiN10Doh! will odds are be up by the -middle- of the summer. I'm definitely in need of the money from both of these projects, so I'm working fast, but not sloppily. I want both of these projects to be something worthwhile, impressive, funny and well-animated, as any good cartoon should be. Yes, they may be parodies, they may have subjects derived of things that already exist, but that doesn't make them any less cartoons. They're for a certain audience and a certain demographic, that being the site that they'll be released to.

I'm sure some screenshots'll be put up in the near future. I THOUGHT I would be having a really impressive background artist on-board for the project, but that looks like it won't be happening, so I suppose I'll be doing them myself in the end. Oh well.

One last thing, I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con later this summer along with several other flash animators and voice actors of Newgrounds. Chris Zito (voice of Meat), Kira Buckland (voice of Dulcy) and myself will be there to name a few, as well as several of the fine people who helped make NiN10Doh! possible, such as Zach Bellissimo and Micheal J. Ruocco, and many maaaaany more. For those've you who might be going and happen to find me, don't hesistate to say hey. Later bitchoz.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Check it.

So my friend is doing a podcast about interviewing flash animators of all kinds. One episode was done on RubberNinja, creator of "Gamer Tonight" and the second episode, which we recorded earlier today, features me! Be sure to check it out and keep your eyes peeled on the "Behind the Flash" blog for interviews with other big-name flash artists from around the net. Hopefully I won't bore you in this episode with my pointless banter.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get a head in life.

I've cut together about 14 minutes worth of audio for the movie. The audio so far is worth about 10 pages, out of the 45 page script yeah this entire thing, as stated previously, is probably going to be about a full hour long. I'm going to start on the animation process soon starting with this first 14 minutes and will splitting up the entire movie into segments, as I've done with a few previous movies that have had long running times. In the meantime, I've been workin' on these:

Just note that these are not the only things I'll be using. The animation will NOT be using the typical "segmentated" animation where all of the characters are made up of pre-made parts, as used in the Parody Rangers trilogy. However, if there's a moment where I simply need, say Lord Zet's head in a certain position and he'd be staying still: poof, done. It's there. Just more conveniant. But yes, things will be traditionally animated for the most part. Oh and I'll be posting screenshots as time goes on.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dour Hour.

First off NiN10Doh! got a daily, weekly AND monthly award. We done good folks...

SO good in fact, I think we've prettymuch made it official...we're gonna do a sequel. I've come up with a LOT of really funny new ideas for skits, specifically on games we didn't tackle in the previous one. We can do better, and we certainly will. Some BIG people might be involved too, so look forward to that. S'funny too, I was completely against the idea of a sequel midway into the animation process of the entire project, but upon its completion some things sprang up. Good stuff, too. But that's not all, so lemme relate this back to what this blog is actually ABOUT.

Both of these upcoming flash movie projects, the NiN10Doh! sequel along with the Parody Rangers Feature movie...are being officially sponsored by

I'm really thankful, and even more excited, that this worked out for me. The Movie is still at incredibly early stages, yes. I've got all of the main characters fully recorded and have been periodically working on cutting together the audio. The animation process hasn't started, and probably won't until at LEAST May. Nonetheless, I seriously think this thing is gonna end up being at least a solid hour long...and I have to animate every last second of it. HOORAY. It'll be worth it.

Stay with me, folks.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Stuff, I swear!

First and foremost, PLEASE check out NiN10Doh! at Newgrounds. Just finished this collaborative flash movie project over the weekend and Richie Zirbes and I stayed up LATE into the night, several nights actually, to get this thing finished and perfected. All parties involved worked real hard, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

SO, back to Parody Rangers. I've got a quick little 30-second animation project for school, actually. Once that's finished, the animation process may finally begin...I say "may" because there are two main characters I have yet to record with. However, working with the large amount of audio I've gotten so far, editing and cutting things together's been very fun. I finished the first scene featuring the villain characters and it sounds totally hilarious. I can already tell this is gonna come out great.

While continuing to work through pre-production, I've come to a...well, not so much "difficult" decision as it is important. Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE will most likely be my final "Newgrounds-audience" cartoon. I've stopped and taken a long, hard look at my current work that's been put online. Between the Parody Rangers trilogy and my Nintendo themed movies such as Rawest Forest, I think I've come to rely just a bit too much on familiarity to carry me. Granted, all of these projects I've worked on the past couple years I've enjoyed very much, and they've been decently successful. However, if I truly wish to get into the REAL animation industry, that's not gonna be enough. At the suggestion by a few people, I've decided to go in a new direction.

A few people who've followed my work in other sites like DeviantArt and such, may know that there's a certain series I've been developing for about +10 years, all throughout my life. Aside from that, I've recently been working on a new series concept that I've thought as more of a "Cartoon Network-audience" and I'm actually getting kind of excited about it. However, fret not. While this decision is for real, this does NOT mean that I'm not going to put 100% effort into Rangers the Movie when I finally get into it. I've still got plenty of drive and can't wait to dive into it. Hopefully you guys'll understand this -choice- I've made, though I'm expecting to recieve just a LITTLE bit of crap in the process.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


It was announced on Wha-Chow! last night, but obviously a post regarding the news here is important...the new cast members have been revealed!

Evan Splooge will be played by Josh "Tomamoto" Tomar!
Dulcy will be played by Kira "Rina-chan" Buckland!

Both of these entrants did an exceedingly fine job, and you may be familiar with them already! This pair has appeared in many a flash cartoon across the wide array of movies on and even a few where they've been IN the same cast. In fact, you can even hear them on NG's latest hit by the one and only Egoraptor: Metal Gear Awesome 2! Kira has done a few character voices for me before, including Parody Rangers 3. Meanwhile this will be Josh's first time working with me, but I can't wait, since he's got ridiculous amounts of range and should fit in with the voice cast just fine.

I'll soon be recording these two...but to the rest of you who entered, it MAY not be necessarily over. I recieved several other good auditions alongside my two winners, and will be giving out bit parts to a few other lucky runner-ups. I won't say who...considering I'm not even 100% sure WHO I'll be choosing for that yet. However, I'll be e-mailing those selected individuals at a later date.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The door has been SHUT.

The Open-audition for Parody Rangers is now officially closed. I recieved WELL over 50 auditions for Evan Splooge, and only about 10 for Dulcy. Either case, well done everybody. I think I've already just about settled on who I want for both of the character roles, but this weekend I will be going over and reviewing all of the auditions I've collected. Let's just say there may be more than two "winners".

Meanwhile, on the progress side of things, I'm continuing to get recordings from the cast and nearly have all the main characters recorded. Only a couple of the rangers're left, as well as a few minor, but still important, supporting characters. Then there's the arduous task of getting the bit-parts and one liners. JOY.

Also worth noting, NiN10Doh! my collaborative flash project, is getting closer to completion. There's only a few pieces of the puzzle left to assemble for that as well, and I'm hoping to finish it as soon as possible so I can finally get rolling with the movie's animation process. We'll see how that goes.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

...that's RIDICULOUS!!

So you may've noticed a new character on the main character cast list a few entries back, yes?

...iiiiiiiiiiiiit's Yannick!

Those've you who didn't notice from the credits, Booch Jr. and his father from Parody Rangers 2 were originally designed by my good man Zach Bellissimo, "Seizuredemon". Originally these characters were based on our friend Micheal Carbuccio, with the father being himself, years from now, and Jr. being his son. The point was that his son would grow up on whatever comics and cartoons myself, Zach and Mike would make and publish in the future when we grow up to be "famous, rich artists". Tee hee. At the time, the joke was hilarious, so Zach drew up some sketches of Booch & son, and I included them in Rangers 2.

Another friend of ours, Yannick Wyler, was eventually added on to the joke by chance one boring day. He did a completely out-of-nowhere character voice for if there were to be a "Yannick Jr." and we made him into Booch Jr.'s little friend. When the ideas for the Rangers feature film started being developed, I was quickly told to change a certain concept by the suggestion of those same friends. As you may remember from the real Power Rangers movie, "Fred" was the quintessential little annoying kid character for the viewer of the same age to relate to...essentially having no point to the plot whatsoever. Instead of creating a character that parodied Fred, I decided instead to use the duo of Booch and Yannick Jrs. in his place.

Yannick will be playing himself, and has already recorded the dialogue for his character. Booch is still pending, as I'm having a little trouble tracking him down, but I'm sure he'll be recorded soon. Either case, pictured above are the two original sketches by Zach Bellissimo for Yannick Jr.'s character. I'm sure you guys'll get a kick out of him.


LASTLY! You guys've got about a month left for the open casting call involved with the movie. Those've you who I know have already been waiting to audition for this through hearing me talk about it beforehand...GET TO WORK.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Open Casting Call!

I am having open voiceover auditions for the following characters in the Parody Rangers feature.


Overview - I essentially had to design a character with more sexual appeal than Pinky, even. The main seller on this will be being able to do an English and/or Australian, similiar to that of the character from the real movie (Dulcea). I'll supply a few lines, including the opening monologue that she speaks...and I'm getting this out here now: You don't have to do this for the audition, however, IF you get the part, you WILL have to do about 30 seconds of orgasm improv for a certain scene. I'm saying this now so that when I find the person I need, they're not backing out of it.

Audition lines -
-Ages ago, an interdimensional being named Zordon, established a command center in his never-ending battle against evil. With the aid of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, he was able to gather together a group of young martial artists, giving them the powers to morph into a super fighting force. Now, years later, he has randomly returned to bring in a NEW group of teens, all with serious, freaking issues, have no idea...really. They're fucking scary. Why is this being written this way? Anyways, now there's ANOTHER new set of rangers, because our logic says we need to change their theme into something new. But this time we have an actual BUDGET, so we filmed this movie overseas, in hopes that popularity will further increase. Instead though, we blew the budget on booze, and bastardized your childhood memories of not only the series, but now this feature film...

-I am Dulcy, master Xena warrior princess knockoff Australian supermodel of the Planet Buut2dahed. What the bloody hell do you want from me?

-It's dangerous to venture out here at night, so you may stay here until sunrise. I've prepared a room for you all.


FOR GUYS: Evan Splooge
Overview - This is one of the biggest parts in the movie. The character has a lot of lines...and no voice. Seriously. I've had a few early ideas such as a "Sean Connery" or "The Monarch" voice and other such things, but realized they may be too generic. This character is VERY dependant on comedic timing, and is very demanding in that department. I'd like him to be along similiar lines to how Ivan Ooze (his ancestor) sounds in the real Power Rangers movie. Be creative, as his first line is completely up to your ideas.

Audition lines-
-**Evan Splooge's introduction line of your creation**

-SOOO glad you asked! I am the towering terror, the master of mayhem, the purple punisher, the vi-o-let of vi-o-lence! I AM...DARKWING DU- I mean...they call me EVAN SPLOOGE!

-'EEEEY, how's it hangin' Coach Z!?

-**Generic evil laughter of your creation**
Send these voice auditions in a zip file to and the deadline will be March 1st. You've got a little over a month. Lemme hear some good stuff, people!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Main Character Cast List

Red Meat/Red Ranger - Chris Zito
Billiam Williams/Blue Ranger - Edwyn Tiong
Chan Yung/Yellow Ranger - Maria Vu
Jerome "Mace" Jacksum/Black Ranger - Jacob Sanders
Doodle "Pinky" Yankit/Pink Ranger - Rina Adachi
Willy Williams/White Ranger - Edwyn Tiong
Alpha 5 & Zordon - Arin Hanson

Lord Zet - Chris Niosi
Nekoneko - Marianne Miller
Renaldo - Bryon Beaubien
Flyguy - Arin Hanson
Morty Yttaf - Cailen Denton

Booch Jr. - Mike Carbuccio
Yannick Jr. - Yannick Wyler
Bulk - Mike Luckas
Skull - Zach Bellissimo
  • All previously seen characters will be reprised by their VAs from the Parody Rangers trilogy, with the exception of one. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Santana Questa will not be coming back to play Nekoneko for the movie (on a side note, not all of her lines were recorded for GGPR3, but we made due). If for whatever reason she is able to record before the release, then perhaps, otherwise her voice-match has been approved by both myself and Santana: Marianne Miller, who is actually a professional VA from California and a good friend of mine.
  • For good measure, I've listed the "real" names of the six rangers, and Willy will be presented as the White Ranger in the movie. Also a few new characters include "Morty", the Parody Rangers version of "Mordant" derived from the real movie (played by Cailen Denton, known for Escargoon and Vector the Green Ranger), and Yannick Jr., a friend of Booch Jr. (from GGPR2, who will be returning in the place of "Fred" from the real Power Ranger movie) who teams up with his schoolyard bud to stop the purple boogieman menace known as...Evan Splooge.
  • More on him, and a certain hot Australian chick at a later date. That part involves all of YOU guys, so keep a close eye...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - .:poster:.

This's morphin' time...for the last time...seriously.
IN A WORLD...where flash animation is overrun by sex jokes and disgusting high school potty humor, a group of teenagers with attitude stride to retain rights to their spoof on the Power Rangers legacy. However, when the descendant of the most insanitary evil the universe has ever known rises up and slowly takes over the world, it will be up to those same brave teenagers to take it back by storm! The most incredible battle the Super Freakin' Parody Rangers have ever seen will soon be at hand...

This project has been in the works for several months now. The movie will be a full-length 45 minute to an hour-long feature flash cartoon, fully-animated and handdrawn, especially in comparison to my previous longer movies, such as the big TTA Episodes and the three previous Rangers installments. It is currently in pre-production and no animation has been done yet, due to me being a bit held up by NiN10Doh!. Once that collaboration movie has been finished, the animation process for the Rangers movie will most likely begin. In the meantime, the script has been complete since about December, and punched-up by several of my fellow cast members. I'm in the middle of collecting voice recording from the past, the vast majority of which will be returning for the movie. We'll also be having as many special guest stars as I can nab to come back, with a few new ones already confirmed. Stay tuned.

Just placeholding

This will be the official production blog of...
I'll be periodically updating this blog with develoupments on the movie. Expect casting news, character design sheets, maybe some screenshots as time goes on, and not long from now a VERY important contest regarding some of the new characters.