Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Yo, evil! I'ma Powah Rangah! BIZZAM!"

Little somethin' to hold you guys over. I'm working on the second scene now, makin' MUCH better progress since this one's a little shorter. By now I'm about a quarter of the way through the first part of the movie that will be submitted before the end of the Summer. But anyway, here's the first of a few character history stories, starting with everyone's favorite:

Red Meat - Originally based on a clip done by Egoraptor called "Zordon's Dilemma", which featured Zordon and Tommy from the original Mighty Morphin' series arguing about random crap, and Jason comes in at the end screaming like a maniac. Jason, of course, was obviously Meat's base model.

When Parody Rangers 1 was first conceptualized back in 2006, I thought the movie would be carried mainly by Zordon and Alpha having to deal with annoying teenagers. By the end of the movie, I and everybody else knew Meat was the REAL star of the show. Chris Zito does an amazing job with his voice, and I knew I was gonna use him as the character from the beginning after wanting to make use of his voice talent as a MAIN character for quite a while. Meat's over-enthusiasm lends itself well to his quotable catch-phrases the fans can't help but dig.

He's also overly emotional, which I helped play up on throughout the trilogy of movies, where he can be totally gung-ho and a your best bud in the world, but as soon as something goes horribly wrong for him, he becomes a sea of sorrow and regret, which slowly turns into depressing anger and rage. The feature movie gives quite a bit of development, very much akin to the process he goes through during each of the original three movies I've made.
By this point, Meat's without a doubt one of my favorite characters of the hundreds I've created and designed.

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