Monday, June 30, 2008

"Id'll be awsum mo'fo'a, we'll go up'n be all like...R-R-R-RUDU-DU-DU-DU-DUH!!

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July finally arrives and as each day passes my anticipation for ComicCon grows. I made lots of great memories at AnimeExpo about a year ago and sadly can't attend again this summer, but a few members of the Parody Rangers cast, including Egoraptor, Tomamoto and Rina-chan who was the champion of last year's AXIdol competition, will be there. Ego and Tomamoto will both be entering this time around and are sure to dominate. Can't wait to see the videos of it. Anyways, here's one of the last two Rangers characters histories:

Jerome "Mace" Jacksum - The token black character, who I'm surprised I haven't gotten reamed for yet. I have NO idea as to where Mace's design came from. I knew off the bat that there was going to be a black character, as a throwback to "Zack" from the original Mighty Morphin' Team, and I think Mace even had a different name at some point (which escapes me). The flails (which I thought at the time were maces) were just some strange quirk I thought'd be funny to go along with his "bling" factor, plus the -M- (Majin) amulet he wears...I think he even has a golden tooth.

His voice was obvious from the start, but it was a tad tricky finding someone who could do a tough (but still funny-sounding) urban-black voice. I actually went through about two or three people before I settled on Jacob Sanders (aka Niro Rose), since two of them couldn't do it and one of them was sick at the time. Niro was another case where I felt like he should be given a fully character, so I gave him a shot and he nailed it better than I expected.

I felt like the voice was getting higher and higher as the three movies progressed, so we worked hard to make sure it was deep sounding. There's a joke in the feature movie pertaining to his voice that I dare not spoil. Rest assured though, Niro's about as white as it gets.

Oh for all ten of you interested (for what reason I'll never know), the reason behind Mace's flail arms'll be explained in the movie during a certain part improved completely by Niro. Look forward to that.

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