Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"This show is racist propaganda like whoa..." & "Forward, my fellow troops of justice!"

Still workin' on Scene 2. I've got some pretty detailed backgrounds to complete for this one, hopefully they'll turn out half-decent thanks to my having reference on-hand from the movie itself. Kinda wish the background artist deal would've worked out, but ah well. My goal is to be into (if not done with) the 3rd Scene before ComicCon. I'm also aiming for a t-shirt to release along with the first part of the movie. Le'ts hope that'll work out. Meantime, here's another character (or characters, in this case) history:

Willy & Billiam Williams - I originally cast Edwyn Tiong as Willy in Parody Rangers 1 after hearing the voice eventually used for the character in another flash movie as "Jeff Andonuts" from Earthbound. The voice was very high-pitched, fast and hyper. Sometimes you couldn't even understand it, but it worked perfectly. I didn't voice direct Edwyn straight-forward for the first Rangers cartoon, so he did all of the lines in what was eventually Billaims voice! I told him that it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but that the voice was hilarious and definitely wanted to make use of it somehow. Sure enough, the second one came around I found a "use" for it pretty damn quick.

The setup of Meat and Willy being best buddies worked very well, as it helped give more reason for Meat's swirling emotions for the later episodes. Since Willy is directly based on Billy from the Mighty Morphin' series, I had him "move away" and replaced, as per the usual in the history of the Power Rangers series, and figured it would be easily accepted by the viewers. I'm glad I made the decision, as Billiam's one of my favorite characters now as well.

Billiam is a combination of many different things, at least by his looks anyway. Cyborg 002 and Pheonix Wright were, for whatever reason, the first things that came into my head for when I came up with his character design. The voice that Edwyn indirectly came up with was so hilarious and led into my choice of making Billiam a flaming stereotypical gay man. I remember a few friends of mine in High School were a little shaky on making the switch to him from Willy, but after "Green Day" came out everyone settled into him nicely. Now Willy's boring in comparison to him.

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