Friday, June 27, 2008

"Sure, I love to be for your team!"

Scene 2 of Part 1 is complete! So about 5-6 minutes of the 14-15 full length of Part 1 is done (2 out of 5 scenes). Scene 3 I'm very excited about working on, since it's the first apperance of the villains in fully-animated movie form. The whole thing's comin' along very well so far. Here's another little character history, this time of:

Chan Yung - Playing up the horrible Asian-stereotype jokes, Chan was born. I learned after the fact that Thuy Trang, the actress who portrayed "Trini" in the original Mighty Morphin' series, ended up dying in a terrible car accident, hence the small tribute to her at the end of Rangers 1, with Chan popping up using a quick little blooper her VA did during the record. Maria Vu was another case where I wanted to make use of her as a main character, similiar to my usage of Chris for Meat. We quickly found her cute little voice and made Chan into almost like a "mascot" character, despite her obviously being overshadowed by Meat and Billiam for example. There very easily could be plushies of her.

On the animation side of things, I did some...weird things with Chan. Her face was done as a cross between the "^_^" emoticon and a bunch of V's put together to make features, with her mouth, specifically, being animated at a lower framerate to give the illusion of an "Anime mouth". This is more obvious in the feature movie. Another odd trait I gave her, and this was the case with Willy too, was her lack of arms during certain scenes. She's supposed to have flaily kimino sleeves, but they only show up when she needs to. You'll see plenty of moments in the movie where they magically appear and disappear depending on the situation.

Chan, along with Mace and Pinky in certain cases, ends up also being one of the only SMART characters in story, giving the attitude that she seems the be the only one who actually knows what's going on...though at the same time, I seem to make a lotta jokes with her being "paired up" with other characters, such as the fanfictions (that don't really exist, I promise) of her and Willy, followed by having her and Mace "hook up" afterward.

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