Monday, June 2, 2008

First Official Screencaps!

Hey all. Been getting a little distracted again, but the project's still coming along. I've managed to complete a few sections of the movie's first scene, so I've taken the liberty of snaggin' a few screencaps. Here's a few for ya:

Who doesn't love a group of young athletic teenagers falling out of a plane from miles above ground? ...and for CHARITY even! Those kids, they bring a tear to my eye. Oh token-fat and token-goth are in there. Designing and color-scheming their jumpsuits was fun, though I still don't get why the citizens of Angel Grove are retarted enough to NOT catch-on to the whole color-coding thing and realize their true identities. Oh well.

Stay tuned for more, since I've got some background design and character sketches to put up in the near future, along with some character bios with info on their creation and the like.


Brucie said...

YAY for references (no offence to people wearing generic color scemes)

Jonathon said...

I kinda like the older look, just how everything was a bit better, just because I like familiar things, but this new style is good as well. I can't wait for it honestly. ^^

Wil said...

I gotta ask. Waaaaaaay back in the day, I had a few Power Ranger comic books. In one of them, Bulk and Skull had made home-made Power Ranger suits, and dubbed themselves the "Mauve Ranger" and the "Puce Ranger".

Any connection here?