Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a PINCH...

Just a quick update. I've been MAJORLY slacking off as of late, despite having distractions of slight importance, such as a commission for a friend of mine as well as a quick segment for a collaborative movie that is NOT related to $00pah NiN10Doh!, but money is involved with both of those side-projects, so it's forgivable. In any case, I've finally been getting down to business with the animation on the Movie. Since it will be split up into parts, hopefully that being THREE 15-20 minute movies that will all later on be combined together, the Production Status percentile on the right side of the blog has been outfitted to match the completion of just the first part.

I'm hoping that the first part (which is about 15 minutes long or so) will be at least finished before the end of the summer, and $00pah NiN10Doh! will odds are be up by the -middle- of the summer. I'm definitely in need of the money from both of these projects, so I'm working fast, but not sloppily. I want both of these projects to be something worthwhile, impressive, funny and well-animated, as any good cartoon should be. Yes, they may be parodies, they may have subjects derived of things that already exist, but that doesn't make them any less cartoons. They're for a certain audience and a certain demographic, that being the site that they'll be released to.

I'm sure some screenshots'll be put up in the near future. I THOUGHT I would be having a really impressive background artist on-board for the project, but that looks like it won't be happening, so I suppose I'll be doing them myself in the end. Oh well.

One last thing, I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con later this summer along with several other flash animators and voice actors of Newgrounds. Chris Zito (voice of Meat), Kira Buckland (voice of Dulcy) and myself will be there to name a few, as well as several of the fine people who helped make NiN10Doh! possible, such as Zach Bellissimo and Micheal J. Ruocco, and many maaaaany more. For those've you who might be going and happen to find me, don't hesistate to say hey. Later bitchoz.

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