Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Oh my god, it's SO GOOD..."

Still working on Scene 3. Meantime, here's the last of the Rangers' character histories.

Doodle "Pinky" Yankit - Last of the three overshadowed stereotypes is my "tribute" to preppy/valley-girl Kimberly. Pinky's design is a combination of her (Amy Jo Johnson) and the second Pink Ranger, Kat (minus the Australian). Her name actually comes from the original script listing all of the Rangers by their color and not by their actual names, which I was only partially coming up with at the time. I couldn't think of something good for her, so I ended up keeping her nickname that Meat reffered to her by, "Pinky". Later I ended up using this as a plot device for stopping a time-warp, by having her real name (Doodle) be the keyword to save the day. Her real name is obviously supposed to be like "Yankee Doodle" but the "Yankit" part makes reference to her...'job' during "sexy time" as mentioned a few times.

On that same note, yeah she's essentially the eye-candy/sex symbol of the series. I tried to make her another case like Chan where she's one of the only characters who knows what's going on in the grand scheme of things, but yet she has plenty of "dumb blonde" moments as you'll witness very early on in the movie.

Her voice was another obvious one, plus it's an easy character to pull off. I handed this one to Rina Adachi (known as Mizura on places like the VAA) since I felt she was a bit underexposed in the amateur voiceover world, especially in the case of NG, so this felt like a good oppourtunity.

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