Thursday, July 17, 2008

Destiny draws nearer...

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First off, and most importantly: Scene 3 is finished and Part 1 of the Movie has reached 60% completion. I now have the remainder of the summer to finish two more scenes and hopefully release the final product of Part 1 just before Fall. Here's some screencaps to whet your appetite.

San Diego Comic-con is about a week away and in about 5 days I'll be shipping off to California. I've gotta LOT of stuff to crack down on and finish before the weekend's up, mostly in preparation for the con. This event is gonna prove to be quite monumental for me, like a big story arc where you kinda-sorta know what will happen but don't know exactly how it'll play out. I know that's an incredibly dorky way of putting it, but I'm really excited about this and am hoping everything will go smoothly. Takin' a small break from working on the movie for this breif moment, but rest assured I'll be getting plenty of important work done.

I'm proud of myself...I know that's probably going to come off as "arrogant" to some, but I genuinely mean it. I'm proud of how far I've made it, even if it's not very far to begin with, with my own abilities as an artist and with the help of all the people that have helped out and care enough to wanna be there with me. I'm really thankful for those contributing friends and partners and I've got big plans. My only hope is that things will pan out as I continue to work harder and harder and gain more and more experience, and then hopefully said big plans will come to fruition, somehow.

"You ants have a nice summer...LET'S RIDE!!"

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azukachan08 said...

nice screenshots dude :)