Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Stuff, I swear!

First and foremost, PLEASE check out NiN10Doh! at Newgrounds. Just finished this collaborative flash movie project over the weekend and Richie Zirbes and I stayed up LATE into the night, several nights actually, to get this thing finished and perfected. All parties involved worked real hard, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

SO, back to Parody Rangers. I've got a quick little 30-second animation project for school, actually. Once that's finished, the animation process may finally begin...I say "may" because there are two main characters I have yet to record with. However, working with the large amount of audio I've gotten so far, editing and cutting things together's been very fun. I finished the first scene featuring the villain characters and it sounds totally hilarious. I can already tell this is gonna come out great.

While continuing to work through pre-production, I've come to a...well, not so much "difficult" decision as it is important. Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE will most likely be my final "Newgrounds-audience" cartoon. I've stopped and taken a long, hard look at my current work that's been put online. Between the Parody Rangers trilogy and my Nintendo themed movies such as Rawest Forest, I think I've come to rely just a bit too much on familiarity to carry me. Granted, all of these projects I've worked on the past couple years I've enjoyed very much, and they've been decently successful. However, if I truly wish to get into the REAL animation industry, that's not gonna be enough. At the suggestion by a few people, I've decided to go in a new direction.

A few people who've followed my work in other sites like DeviantArt and such, may know that there's a certain series I've been developing for about +10 years, all throughout my life. Aside from that, I've recently been working on a new series concept that I've thought as more of a "Cartoon Network-audience" and I'm actually getting kind of excited about it. However, fret not. While this decision is for real, this does NOT mean that I'm not going to put 100% effort into Rangers the Movie when I finally get into it. I've still got plenty of drive and can't wait to dive into it. Hopefully you guys'll understand this -choice- I've made, though I'm expecting to recieve just a LITTLE bit of crap in the process.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I completely support your decision and understand where you're coming from with it.
As for receiving a bit of a crap from people...oh boo hoo their wants and needs. Way to go lookin' out for #1, which is you.