Sunday, March 2, 2008


It was announced on Wha-Chow! last night, but obviously a post regarding the news here is important...the new cast members have been revealed!

Evan Splooge will be played by Josh "Tomamoto" Tomar!
Dulcy will be played by Kira "Rina-chan" Buckland!

Both of these entrants did an exceedingly fine job, and you may be familiar with them already! This pair has appeared in many a flash cartoon across the wide array of movies on and even a few where they've been IN the same cast. In fact, you can even hear them on NG's latest hit by the one and only Egoraptor: Metal Gear Awesome 2! Kira has done a few character voices for me before, including Parody Rangers 3. Meanwhile this will be Josh's first time working with me, but I can't wait, since he's got ridiculous amounts of range and should fit in with the voice cast just fine.

I'll soon be recording these two...but to the rest of you who entered, it MAY not be necessarily over. I recieved several other good auditions alongside my two winners, and will be giving out bit parts to a few other lucky runner-ups. I won't say who...considering I'm not even 100% sure WHO I'll be choosing for that yet. However, I'll be e-mailing those selected individuals at a later date.


Kiru said...

Fantastic, I can't wait to hear how they'll voice 'em. "And there was must rejoicing."

Anonymous said...