Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Get a head in life.

I've cut together about 14 minutes worth of audio for the movie. The audio so far is worth about 10 pages, out of the 45 page script yeah this entire thing, as stated previously, is probably going to be about a full hour long. I'm going to start on the animation process soon starting with this first 14 minutes and will splitting up the entire movie into segments, as I've done with a few previous movies that have had long running times. In the meantime, I've been workin' on these:

Just note that these are not the only things I'll be using. The animation will NOT be using the typical "segmentated" animation where all of the characters are made up of pre-made parts, as used in the Parody Rangers trilogy. However, if there's a moment where I simply need, say Lord Zet's head in a certain position and he'd be staying still: poof, done. It's there. Just more conveniant. But yes, things will be traditionally animated for the most part. Oh and I'll be posting screenshots as time goes on.

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