Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is how the college bum works!

We're not 3 quarters of the way from finishing. Scene 4 is nearly finished, which will soon bump progress up to about 80% completion on Part 1's animation. Scene 5 is about two minutes in length and shouldn't be incredibly difficult to animate, so definitely it should be finished and hopefully out for people to watch by mid-September. I'm having a few tech issues, such as getting more RAM for my computer resolved very soon. There's also the matter of me going back to college in about a week.

Going off of that, here's a comparison of how I'm working currently to how I'll be working not long from now.

So essentially, because of my computer's current power, it's going to be a little difficult to continue currently. One issue may be covered thanks to what will hopefully be the super-powered computers at the School of Visual Arts being able to back me up with what I'm doing currently, as well as anything else I'll be doing for the next couple of years. So long story short, I have about a week left to work on both my laptop and converse/be distracted by my Home PC, before I head back to the concrete jungle where I'll mostly be using JUST my laptop while working with gigantic .fla files and continuing to finish this godforsaken project.

I'll have Scene 4 screenshots soon, most likely.

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