Sunday, December 14, 2008


Production on Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - Part 2 has officially begun. This second part, entitled "Planet Buut2dahed" will run about 18 minutes in length with all of the "episodes" put together. If I can't put all of them together into one thing as I failed with the previous Part, I'm not sure how many "episodes" of this one will be, we'll have to see, but I've just finished editing together the audio, so the animation process can now officially begin.

Also in the coming months, I'll be doing more posts here again, sorry there hasn't been much going on as of late. Expect more behind-the-scenes stuff and character histories, etc. Also I've been animating plenty of other things in the meantime, projects I hope you'll enjoy just as much. Keep your eyes peeled!

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