Monday, January 5, 2009

Sploogin' times.

First post of 2009, FINALLY finished the first of about seven scenes that will make up Part 2. Hopefully that will equate to about three "episodes" as with the previous ones, we'll see how it goes. Either case, the next bit opens up with another scene using our beloved villains. I meant to get some of these up before the year was up, but here's a few caps:

Animating Evan Splooge was a challenge, as with all of the villains since the very first Parody Rangers, but Josh Tomar's voice performance makes it very easy and fun for me. I've now got drawing Evan constantly down to an easier process, but good LORD doing his lipsynch is difficult. He's gotta ton of lines, so it takes up quite a bit. Either case, it's comin' out pretty well and I'm making pretty good time with this so far, since I was able to get one scene of about 2 minutes within a couple weeks since my vacation started. I've got another week left before school starts and I actually think I can finish another one before I head back to the city, but we shall see.

Also real quick, $00pah NiN10Doh! came out much later than expected, but be sure to check it out. Some great animation's in there and video game fans'll definitely enjoy it.

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