Friday, September 12, 2008

Patience is a virtue.

We're workin' on it. This past week has mostly been dedicated to the tech side of things and getting all five scenes that make up Part 1 to work in a way that it can be submitted to Newgrounds. Much of this I owe to Marc Levy, otherwise known as "God of Chaos" who has the patience of a saint, helping me out with his video and general tech knowledge to get this thing done for you guys. Just bear with us for a little more and it should be completed soon. Sorry for the delays.


Anonymous said...

np chris keep up the work your fans can wait xD PS: watch ot for the fan girls though they get testy

Some random fan named zolo~

Wil said...

Coolest beans ever, man.

Martin said...

Hehee~, just the final touches ah? Take yer time - better to release a long-time spent well-made project then to make an EA Games. Just keep the good work goin'.

// DD, watchin' TTA since before it's cancellation. Just take yer time. :3