Thursday, May 27, 2010

Towards the phallic symbol.

We're back! Sorry for the long delay. Part 3 of the Parody Rangers Feature, the grand finale, is in the works at long last. One of eight scenes has been finished thus far and I expect to have the full thing done in early to mid-July. Here's a few screencaps for ya.

Splooge, still accompanied by Renaldo, Flyguy and Morty as his lackies, at the Orgasmotron construction site.

Can the Juniors do anything to save their parents being forced to work manual labor!?

Meanwhile our heroes ponder over the shape of the monolith where the Powerful Power of Powerfulness lies.

...while Zet and Nekoneko have an awkward afterglow.

...and Alpha gets Cable! What's on the News?

More to come! Movie completion percentage is currently: 13%

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mattwo said...

Be funny if it were July 1st when I move and when bakugan dimensions is [rumored to be] coming out