Monday, July 12, 2010

"Hey, F.U., F.U., I'll be F'n you later, F.U....and I don't even know you." + "...why are you talking to yourself?"

Crisis averted! Gotta new tablet pen and JUST finished up Scene 7, so I've got only one left and there's about a minute's worth of animation left to complete. Then this baby's all done.

Movie completion percentage is currently: %90

Almost done with the Character histories, here's two of our classic villain-types.

Lord Zett & Nekoneko NyaNya - As much as I love Renaldo and Flyguy, these two I seem to have a lot of sentimental value towards. Those who've seen the other flash movies I've done before Parody Rangers (...and if you have, I am SO sorry) will know that Zett and Nekoneko are both based on a duo of characters directly from the series prior to working on Rangers 1. I tweaked their personalities and voices to fit the "style" of humor in Parody Rangers, designed them in the fashion of the villains of Mighty Morphin' and stuck 'em in there hoping people would get a kick out of it.

Lord Zett, to sum it up, is basically me when I get really, REALLY angry while playing video games. Seriously, it's kinda freaky. Those moments he has, especially in "Green Day" are pretty accurate to how I am when I die during gameplay. Zett's a fun character to play, without a doubt, but he's a bit of a bitch to draw a million times. I also conceptualized him being "the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd" LONG before the character "Thrax" was created as far as I know, but I'm not bitter. There's a joke in the feature movie pertaining to that.

Nekoneko is actually NOT based on Rita but rather the long lost Scorpina, who they kind of decided to take out of the series by the time Lord Zedd showed up. Combining the original character with the same type of armor that Scorpina had I made a cat-version that became Nekoneko the stone-cold ice queen. Since I made Zett such an angry character, I thought Nekoneko made a good comic foil to him despite her lack of personality. That and making them very abusive significant others ended up being one of my favorite gags to use.

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Anonymous said...

hey why would you be sorry, it was a great series?
anyway its great that you got a new tablet, it would suck to lose my pen for my tablet, if i did id have to use a pen and mouse to animate a project im working on right now, which i suck at =( anyway, dont get mad at me for my first comment (up there) i always have and always will respect your decision to end that series.