Thursday, July 15, 2010

"SO glad you asked..." + "What the bloody hell do you want from me?"

Movie completion percentage is currently: %95

Evan Splooge & Dulcy Sia - Now for these two, who were designed specifically for this movie...with much more significance than Morty. Dulcy, based on "Dulcea" was meant to be what Pinky sort of pointed out, that being a complete and total sex object...or at least in the eyes of the characters surrounding her. Evan, who contains much more significance of course, I've now drawn COUNTLESS times in the midst of the movie. I had to make sure he was really entertaining since he was going to be one of the movie's main attractions. I owe a lot to Josh Tomar, his VA, for fulfilling that for me. Evan was tricky, but fun to animate the more I got the hang of it.

Both of these characters were challenges for me in their own way. Both of their designs were a bit more complicated in different aspects, especially compared to the Rangers. Adapting Dulcea and Ivan Ooze into Parody Rangers equivalents, or in Evan's case, making him a direct descendant of his original counterparts, was one of the most exciting parts of the movie's pre-production for me. Having them both eventually be brought to life was long and arduous, but totally worth it.

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