Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's like a kick in the nuts!

A special episode of the comedy podcast "Wha-Chow!" was just recorded this past Sunday and it's now officially up for download!

Take a listen!

Featured in the episode is myself acting as the host, the three co-writers: Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien (voice of Renaldo), Jacob "Niro Rose" Sanders (voice of Mace) and Chris "CZ-Backlash" Zito (voice of Meat) as well as cast members Cailen "Crow" Denton (voice of Morty), Mike "SkeletonJAZZ" Luckas (voice of Bulk) and Joshua "Tomamoto" Tomar (voice of Evan Splooge), plus Cory "Sprite37" Holmes who was a big help on the technical side the night Part 3 was submitted. All of us look back and talk about our involvement and favorite moments throughout the series and the Movie, I answer some questions from the fans and we play a very special goodbye message from all of the Parody Rangers characters. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Please bring us some new parody rangers, you got so much turbo material! Don't even get started with the jokes about space rangers the whole red ranger and sister issues.