Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Part 2 hit front page earlier today. Thanks everyone who watched, hope ya got a laugh or two. I've gotten a lotta nice complements from everyone on board and I'm glad it turned out so well. Managed to get this one done, being more complicated and MUCH longer than Part 1, in a damn impressive time-frame too. I started on it over the Christmas break, finished everything up to Billiam hanging himself (and failing miserably at it), took a slight break to work on some other pressing matters then got back to it and finished the rest a little under a week ago. Part 3 won't be as long as this one, so it should be done most likely by mid-summer depending on when I get it finished.

Gotta couple Easter Eggs for you guys to have some fun with, thanks to the audio portal! I'm glad that for the most part people were okay with the "sex scene" near the end. Even when the script was written back near the end of 2007, I hadn't intended anything explicit to be shown. It was more intended to be funny than anything else as opposed to just fanservice. The seven VAs I had doing stuff for that scene, between all of the Rangers (minus Billiam), Dulcy and of course the Shark, there was a lotta funny material blended in there. Sadly a lot of it was unable to make out, but one of the "couples" within that scene had some improv I specifically thought came out really funny. Thanks both Chris & Kira for the hysterical recordings ;] Only Meat would be rude enough to answer a call about phone plans during sex with a hellcat. Oh well, at least Verizon never stops workin' for him!

Verizon Wireless: Meat & Dulcy

Then the other one is the ending theme of Part 2. A while back I adapted the Japanese theme of "Kyoryu Sentai: Zyuranger!" (which is what we derived Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers from back then) into a version about the Parody Rangers characters. I recorded the vocals with Chris doing Meat's voice for a couple clips here and there, as well as some mish-moshin' during the guitar solo. It's silly but I think a few people gotta kick out of it so it's up for download! In times of great need, when the world needs a good stupid laugh, these idiots will band together and make you lol, rofl, possibly make you lyao! Go! Fight!

Mojiri Sentai: PARODYRANGER!

NOW, I got more work to do as per the usual. Bye kids :]

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