Sunday, March 1, 2009

Old Faithful

Scene 4's finished, 3 to go before PART 2 is complete. They're all quick and simple to do for the most part, so hopefully by the time Spring break swings around for me I'll have enough time to finish it up and you can expect it by early this month, maybe even (possibly) in one solid movie instead of "episodes". If not it'll be Episodes "2-1" and "2-2".

Anyway, here's a few really old sketches I did going into PART 1 a while back:

This was the opening scene, with a quick design of "The Flying Bitch-O" airplane, a layout of the long BG scroll showcasing all six Rangers, Bulk and Skull in their skydiving outfits, then the shot of all of them jumping out of the plane. At the bottom, a shot of the "Deathfall 4 Peace" event with a zoom-out to show Booch Jr. & his pop, plus Yannick Jr. his new friend. Then we have a quick design of the telecaster overseeing the Deathfall, "Nawty" (voiced by Marc Swint) who I later carried over the design for a new cartoon I'm currently working on.

Also Wile E. Coyote was meant to be in the shot prior where the Rangers look at Pinky in the plane, after she asks something about the parachutes. He was going to be in the background holding up the "What a maroon." sign in typical Looney Toon fashion (I think Psy wrote this joke from my recollection) but it didn't really fit with the shot after double-checking, so I opted not to throw him in there. Ah well.

I've gotta few more of these somewhere, I'll probably put up some more later on, as well as a few other character histories such as the villains. Meanwhile I'll be keeping busy and focusing mainly on finishing PART 2 as soon as possible.

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Malcolm said...

I like the Wile E. Coyote sketch. Shame, it didn't make it in the final cut.

On an unrelated note,
I just got through watching Sonic Bastardized 6. Your Psycho weasel impression was spot on. I gotta get you to do that for any upcoming projects I'm working on.