Saturday, April 25, 2009

Slight hitch.

There'll probably be a NG blog post about this that I'll put up later, but I figured I may as well put it here too.

Now, there's no "drama" or any crap like that behind this, only business stuff. Long story short, the remaining parts of the Parody Rangers Feature can no longer be sponsored my funding from Newgrounds. There may be more details on that specifically in the near future, whenever the folks on the NG staff feel comfortable with mentioning more about it, but as far as it affecting me, there may not be any money involved on the project from here on out unless something drastic changes.

However, when I wrote the original script with the others back in '07, I went into this with no idea of Newgrounds sponsorships even being prevalent in the flash animation community. Tomamoto, who had been getting more involved with the project even after we recorded his lines for Evan Splooge, made the suggestion to me since he knew it wasn't gonna be an average flash movie considering the amount of time that would be going into it. Tom Fulp was gracious enough to allow me sponsorship for Parts 1 & 2 as well as the $00pah NiN10Doh! collaboration. Point is, my goal is still to finish this project to the very end and cap off the Parody Rangers "franchise" as it were, regardless of money issues.

For the time being, I'm focusing on a few other projects I have in the works, one of which being the Renaldo Rangers one-shot which obviously is more directly related to the Movie, as it takes place between Parts 2 & 3. My student film will be out on May 1st, Brawl Taunts 3 will be out on May 7th and I have a concept I may be trying out later during that month. Renaldo Rangers has no release date as of now, but it won't take too long to finish up, I just haven't had a whole lot of drive to work in general the past couple weeks. I'll get goin' with it, no worries.
More than likely I'll be working on Part 3 over the summer if things don't get incredibly busy for me. I'd imagine it won't take incredibly long to do this part since it's a bit shorter than the others. Part 4 (yes it's going to be 4 now) may take a little longer, but god damn I'll finish this thing if it kills me.


Malcolm said...

It's a shame, Newgrounds isn't gonna sponsor it. To be honest I didn't even know they were in the first place. I just thought they put the ads on the movies as a bit of a copyright message.

neomew said...

keep up the good work i hope for the best.
also you and your friends or one(s) of the best ive ever seen.

PS: also cant wait to see the next Nintendo flash next year or later this year.