Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's the Supah Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers!

A commission for good 'ol Psyguy. This is a spin-off starring Go! Go! Parody Rangers villain, Renaldo! It takes place between the 2nd and upcoming 3rd Part of the Parody Rangers Feature Movie and was co-written by Psy and myself. Renaldo always dreamed of having his own team of Power Rangers, so thanks to the power of friendship and cold hard cash, his wet dream come horribly true! Hopefully you'll excuse the corner-cutting animation for this one, I had to get it done quicker, so you'll notice stock heads and mouthflaps. Regardless, hope you get as much of a laugh out of it as Psy and I did, enjoy!

Sorry for the delay on this one folks, still really busy with lots of other crap. I'll be editing the audio for Part 3 of the Movie soon, so hopefully I can get the next part finished sometime over the summer. Renaldo can tie you guys over for a little bit, HM-HMM!

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Bobby Davis said...

This was so awesome! You rock, man! Reanldo is like the best Parody Rangers villain!